About Us

Started by two small individuals with big dreams, Restoration Essence is the founders’ brainchild. 
Over the years, endless thought, research and planning have been put into realising this dream of theirs where they can freely pursue their passion for all things natural. In a world where many things are artificial and tend to do more harm than good, they want to make a difference. 

 If you’re tired of all the heavily marketed products out there which contain additives, preservatives and a whole list of similar ingredients, you will find respite here. 

 If you simply just want to incorporate healthier food into your diet and make a positive change to your body, you will find the solution here. 

 Restoration Essence only sells skin care and food products which are all-natural, wholesome and healthy. All our ingredients that we procure are only the top crop being the best. 
Each ingredient that goes into our products has also been meticulously assessed and selected to provide you with the maximum benefits.  Each product is an authentic produce made by real people, not machines. You know what you’re eating and using, plus we are transparent with what goes into the production process. 
 You can be assured that you can enjoy our products with ease of mind. 

 Still have doubts? All you have to do is take the first step and prepare to be blown away. 
 Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  
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