Skin Lifting Serum
Skin Lifting Serum

Skin Lifting Serum

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Take 10 years and more off your skin age almost instantly.

Hey ladies, do you know that as you age, your skin tends to lose collagen and elastin, 2 major components for a supple and firm skin?

Fret not; RESS Skin Lifting Serum is the fountain of youth you have been searching for! Our special anti aging essential oils blend help to maintain a healthy nerve system and naturally lifts and firms the skin. Along with Hyaluronic Acid; a powerful moisture binding ingredient to keep your skin hydrated and firm, giving you a glow-from-within look that even J.Lo would be jealous of.

This is our hot-seller and get them while they are still available!

"I can see the difference everyday. Super love the product!" Yvonne, Jurong