No More Itch Set

No More Itch Set

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The Perfect Combo To Get Your Skin Looking Healthy And Radiant Again. No Risk 3 x 15ml Bottle Set.

Are you struggling with the invisible enemy we call Eczema? Is the itchiness driving you crazy? Are you extremely self-conscious about discolored skin patches behind your knees or above your elbows? With all natural ingredients, we hope to help you say goodbye to steroids that just seem to make things worse in the long run.

We can help you protect and heal your skin by:

  1. Wash your affected skin area with Eczema Defender, our gentle coconut-based wash (even safe for baby skin)
  2. Using Eczema Fighter's healing itch relief and base moisturizer
  3. Applying Eczema Warrior's 24-hour intense moisture barrier for long-lasting skin hydration 

What You Get:

  • 15ml Eczema Defender
  • 15ml Eczema Fighter
  • 15ml Eczema Warrior

Hurry! this trial pack is only $9.90 (U.P. $23.90) FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY AND COMES WITH FREE DELIVERY IN SINGAPORE because we want to help you experience chemical-free and all-natural skincare that heals and protects your skin. 

Take up this offer and start your skin healing process. You don't have to settle for living with eczema all your life!

Note: This offer has a maximum limit of 1 order per customer.