Pandan Balls (Small)
Pandan Balls (Small)

Pandan Balls (Small)

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Enjoy Ah-Ma's nostalgic snacks with our delicious pandan balls.

Infused with the all-natural taste of our signature pandan essence, these little crunchy bite-sized balls of flavour that are mixed with an assortment of delicious nuts will give you a delicate and sweet taste of what your ah-ma used to make in her traditional pastries. It doesn’t get any more natural than this.

Eat it as part of your daily breakfast, lunch or dinner meal, or just pop it into your mouth on the go as a quick snack! 

Weight: 30g


Mix 2 balls into yougurt for a wholesome snacking experience. It's easy to preapre and enjoy it with friends & loved ones during movie nights and gatherings.