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  • We Make Your Skin Glow With Youth

  • All Natural Skincare To Defy Ageing, Protect And Heal Vulnerable Skin Types

We Make Your Skin Glow With Youth

All Natural Skincare To Defy Ageing, Protect And Heal Vulnerable Skin Types LEARN MORE

We help protect your skin and keep you looking young and radiant with all-natural skincare.

Tired of struggling with itchy skin conditions like eczema , unexplainable skin irritation or rash? We help protect your skin with all-natural creams and serums to help your skin heal and look its best all day.


Featured on MONEY FM 89.3, listen to Sara share about the power of pandan and even how Nigella Lawson brought it into the spotlight only recently.

No More Eyebags

RESS Anti-Aging eye serum get rids of stubborn eyebags and makes your eyes radiant and more active than ever.


What Our Customers Say

 sometimes I get breakouts after using essential oils, but no, surprisingly I don't have breakouts after this application)-- I LOVE this scrub!

Yunzi, Joysofyz

An amazeballs serum that can penetrate deep into the dermis of your skin and locks in moisture for the entire day! Being gentle and lightweight, the serum is also suitable for people like me with sensitive skin types.

Tracy Wong, Gilmangirl

This Pandan leaves scrub is gentle enough to be used on fussy skin like mine but strong enough to remove dead skin cells. To my astonishment, I can scrub my skin twice a week with this Pandan leaves scrub.

Rena, Revamp Spunky Rena

I was pretty curious to try it and this is the first of other Restoration Essence products I tried. Good one! The scrub gives exfoliation and at the same time, I found it pretty moisturizing for the skin. After washing off the scrub, face looked cleaner and felt softer

Shub, Rainbow Diaries

Keep Your Skin White and Radiant Even Under The Sun


The Untapped Power of Pandan

All Natural, Chemical-Free, Potent and Natural Beauty Essentials


Safer and All-Natural

Why Choose Restoration Essence's Line of Skin Care Products?

Enjoy younger and healthier looking skin regardless of age or skin condition. Restoration Essence technologically advanced skin care solutions are a powerful combination of superior delivery techniques and highly effective ingredients. Experience skin-changing science with the best skin care line in restoration dermatology!

Products Backed by 15 Years of Research and Expertise

Unlike traditional off-the-shelf skin care solutions, our products are a natural extension of founder specialist, Sarah, who has contributed over 15 years of expertise in homemade skin care practice and research. Formulated under strict skincare handling, they are rigorously tested for maximum safety and efficacy.

Diverse Range of Products

We have products ranging from fine lines and wrinkle repair solutions to formulations that offer powerful age defying properties. With a potent mix of advanced western techniques and eastern botanicals, our products are custom formulated to deliver powerful and long-lasting results. Suitable for a variety of skin types and condition, you can pick the solutions that best suit your needs.

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