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The Long Road To Recovery, the Life Lessons On Living Better

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Hi! It's Sara. This is a different type of post as the title would suggest.

I revealed some of my hardest struggles recently on CNA938 Nightlife recently which some of you may have experienced or are experiencing at some point in your life. You may listen to it here.

The Thoughts That Creep Up And Take Over

I remember vividly how my life spun out of control. It started with a few thoughts about who I was when I started university and the different expectations heaped upon my life as an undergraduate, daughter, family member, coupled with stress from personal relationships, I started to question myself.

It went from questioning to doubting myself. Then from doubting myself, I started to entertain thoughts of fear. Not a normal fear of say cockroaches, but a distinct and dark fear that gripped me as a young adult. 

My thought life was descending quicker than I could right myself. I went from a normal average undergraduate to a anorexic-depressed person that swung from one eating disorder to another. 

All this because for once in my life, I had lost my anchor. 

From anorexia to bulimia, the swings were real as were my moods. 

Getting out of the house became increasingly difficult as I faced the dark days of depression where even the normal everyday activities became a challenge to complete for me. 

Not Just About Body Image

Some equated my bodyweight swings to a form of vanity about my body shape and need to be attractive, but nothing could be further from the truth. When I realized I had slipped into a psychological warzone, it became clear that everything I was experiencing was down to triggers.

I had be triggered to a depression response from heaping unrealistic expectations on myself. I was trying to become a person I clearly wasn't while expecting myself to be like everyone else. 

When I started to see other peoples achievements and success in contrast with my own, a deep sense of failure and regret would overcome me. I was prioritising my need to conform to the world and society at large over my own unique identity.

I truly only started to take the first few steps to recovery when I realized I had to live MY OWN LIFE. I was created to live life in my way and at my own pace.

The Struggle is Real 

After taking time to speak with a counsellor over my issues, it became clear that we always struggle at every stage of our lives. Who we are should not be based on how other people are from the outside. Everyone struggles. 

My road to recovery was a long 10 year journey. I couldn't describe it other than say it was "a process". 

Having come out of those dark days, I must admit that there are no short-cuts to this. If you're dealing with depression, anxiety, or any eating disorder, or even all of the above, there is no quick fix. 

It all begins with a healthy factual thought life.

Coming to Terms with Who You Are

I still remember that even the decision to eat was a big one. And I started marking small but definite decision to first start to eat. Then to make small steps to eat well. 

My counselling continued as did my faith journey as a Christian. It was an ongoing process of building up the basic joys of life, pushing past the negatively trained thoughts I have developed and to allow myself the time and space to emerge out as a better person.

So Why Am I Sharing All This?

It is my deepest desire to share with you that living better is a choice we make each moment of every day. And living better includes choosing natural products that don't mess with your hormones or your body.

Somewhere between this natural life and the demands of a face-paced world, it only takes a moment to lose ourselves in our negative thoughts — and to start pursuing unhealthy ambitions or trying to conform to other people's expectations of us even when they could be completely untrue!

I believe that my long road to recovery had a lot to do with my choice to always take the natural wholesome route to health, to improve our bodies and our skin.

And it is with great joy I have decided to come up with the Discover Your True Self package in celebration of sharing my experience with everyone.

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