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RE Powered Burner


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Our Powered Burner is a one of a kind natural beauty body treatment. It encourages sweating, stimulates metabolism, tightens skin, and allows the release of toxins from the body. Combined extracts of Ginger and Peppermint stimulates micro-circulation and you will feel that this gel works almost instantly.

Weight: 100ml

How to use: Massage a quarter-sized amount of product into each targeted area in a circular motion for a minimum of 20 seconds or until fully absorbed. To maximize results, use twice a day after a warm shower and before bedtime.

Ingredients: Aqua (Distilled water), Seaweed Extract, Algae Extract, Black Pepper Extract,Peppermint Extract, Lemon Extract, Ginseng Extract, Lavender Essential Oil,  Cabomer, TEA, Preservative, Fragrance.

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