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RE Whitening Serum


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Say Goodbye To Age-Adding Pigmentation, Freckles and Blemishes and Look Younger In A Few Weeks ⏱

NOTE: Limited Stocks Available Per Production Batch.

The secret to better selfies where your skin and face glows naturally without photoshop! Formulated with all-natural whitening agent, herbal essential oils and hyaluronic acid, this all-natural serum minimises the colour intensity of dark pigmentation spots/freckles, brightens up your skin complexion and keeps them hydrated all day long. 

Once applied this potent serum starts to take effect within 24 hours, making your skin younger and reducing the intensity of those dreaded brown spots.

With consistent use, you can start to reduce your need for thick and heavy makeup.

Weight: 15ml, 30ml

How to Use: Pump out an ample amount and gently massage the serum using small circular motion until serum is fully absorbed. 

Ingredients: Distilled water, Hyaluronic acid, D-pathenol (vitamin d), Vegetable glycerin (plant based), Lemon Essential Oils, Cucumber Essential Oils, Liquid germall plus

Challenge: Take a photo before use of the serum, then retake after 7 days to compare the before and after results.

Hurry. Limited Stocks Available Per Production Batch. High Sell-Out Risk.

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